New developments could be coming to downtown Myrtle Beach


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – We could see new developments coming to downtown Myrtle Beach. Several properties along North Ocean Boulevard are now under new ownership.

The Shark Attack Adventure Golf Course is currently closed and after contacting Keystone Commercial Realty, WMBF was told the property was sold along with two other parcels of land, although it’s not guaranteed what this area will be used for.

Several beach goers like Bill and Carol Phillips say they come down to the Grand Strand regularly, and always notice changes.

“When we first started coming down here about 50 years ago, the boardwalk was not here, none of it was here, it was pretty run down, and I think they’re headed the right way,” Bill Phillips said.

The golf course, the Sea Palace Motel on 7th Avenue and North Ocean Boulevard, and another parcel of land were all recently purchased by a man named Joshua Laniado. WMBF made several attempts to get in touch with Laniado about what he intends to do with the area, but have not heard back.

Victoria Gaffney visits Myrtle Beach three times a year and says what ever pops up here next should cater to all ages.

“The only other thing that I would like is more for grand children. Play areas and different things. Maybe not so much of an amusement park, but a lot of different play parks,” said Gaffney. Some say the Ocean Boulevard can sometimes seem over crowded with high rises and restaurants, but would like to more retail down by the beach.

“The Ocean is here and I love the boardwalk. That’s my favorite thing is the boardwalk. So if they want to make that bigger anywhere that would be awesome. Because the farther and long we we can walk on it the better,” said Gaffney.

Overall, there weren’t many complaints, just visitors who’d like to see more of a good thing. A Myrtle Beach spokesperson says he’s aware that the land has been purchased but so far there have been no building plans presented to the town.

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