GRAPHIC: Authorities investigating after severely-burned dog wanders onto porch


Authorities are investigating a case of dog found severely burned and smelling of gasoline who wandered onto a porch in St. George Tuesday morning.

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A good Samaritan called Dorchester County Animal Control when the dog wandered up onto their porch, county spokesperson Tiffany Norton said.

The dog was taken to the Frances R. Willis SPCA at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, according to spokesperson Kelly Harrold.

Animal Control officers have returned to the area where the dog was found to investigate, Norton said.

The SPCA’s lead veterinarian is assessing the extent of the injuries and treatment options, which Harrold said could easily run into thousands of dollars. The dog is missing fur on his legs and the majority of his body and has sores, she said. The dog was also emaciated and covered in fleas.

The SPCA’s Healing Hearts Fund pays for medical treatment of animals who are in the shelter’s care. Click here for more information on the shelter’s website.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Dorchester County Animal Control at 843-563-0015.

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